Andar ao Deus Dará


Date: 2013

Client: BEM BOM studio + AMBAS AS DUAS

Website: www.andaraodeusdara.com

Facebook: facebook.com/andaraodeusdara

A documental project of Iconographic Communication.
Cities stretch far beyond their center. Cities incorporate Life, The Common Life, and The World. But these people who inhabit the City… where do they live? Where in Life, does a true common life really exist?
It is necessary to leave the center to be able to see its foundations. We wanted to embrace this World, so we set off from Lisbon (Rossio Station) headed toward Sintra, stopping at every station and meting the people who live there, visiting the commuters’ homes and gathering their stories. We registered each of these moments with a disposable camera. Each picture is a physical testimony of our presence in the space – moments, urban landscapes, stories – that we have the power to transform

into iconographic objects through the power of image. At another crucial moment of this project, we gathered another collection: Postcards of Historic Lisbon. From these postcards we absorbed the graphics, frames and colors we then later used to achieve the final graphic result. And this is how we got our first Collection of Suburban Postcards (Sintra Rail Line); 15 stops, 15 postcards.

This project was presented at Pecha Kucha Lisbon #13 on February 2012 at the Palácio Sinel de Cordes in Lisbon. It is now a part of Close, Closer Associated Projects - Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2013.