Honra e Vergonha


Date: 2013

Client: Aurora Ribeiro

Graphic identity and booklet for the documentary Honra e Vergonha (Honor and Shame)
Honra e Vergonha aims to create a thought-provoking film. As a departure point from the sociological analysis of the book "Honor and Shame – values of Mediterranean society" by JG Peristiany, in which the author seeks to return to her recent childhood (80/90) in the Alentejo village, Redondo, not away from the so-called "Vila Velha", which José Cutileiro takes as an observation based on his doctoral thesis "Rich and Poor in Alentejo," published in 1970.
The descriptions of the Mediterranean societies and their codes of honor observed by the author a few decades earlier form a base for comparison with a changing society witnessed by the film's director.

The graphic identity proposed revolves around an aesthetic element (a kind of spying eye), present in some building’s facades built in the decades 80/90 in the south of the country.
This icon has enabled us to create a game of graphic symbolism, which reflects the problematic aspects of the film.
As a limited edition, the booklet in unique in that it is being printed with the use blueprint technology; a printing processes based on photosensitive ferric compounds using a contact print process on light-sensitive sheets. It is a manual and time-consuming process that accompanies the concept of the film. When exposed to sunlight, this object undergoes a color change.