O Brilharete


Date: 2013 - until present

Client: BEM BOM studio self-project

Website: www.obrilharete.com

O BRILHARETE – Immaterial Pictorial Zone - Is an online platform to buy and/or share immaterial spaces.
A virtual space – website – where each user can acquire a piece of the Infinite, emptiness, or a set of shinny dots on a screen. With each transaction the customer acquires a Certified Document of Ownership of said space,

which is no more than a graphic representation of a concept. In this sense, we intend to ironically question the limits/boundaries of the nonexistent or unreachable Nature.
Dive into this deep universe and overcome the boundaries of its inexistence or unattainable nature.

The MAP OF THE LISBON SKY is a project associated to the O BRILHARETE - IMMATERIAL PICTORIAL ZONE platform.
This poster shows a portion of the hemisphere visible to human eyes as we perceive and represent it. However, the sizes, forms and links between different celestial bodies are not real.