Projecto MAP


Date: 2014

Client: Colectivo de Curadores

Website: www.projectomap.com

ProjectoMAP is a curatorial project of research and mapping of the universe of Portuguese contemporary art.
Started by four artists invited to share a fragment of their own personal reference networks, ProjectoMAP explores the thick web of relations that connect different generations, practices and contexts, by means of a spontaneous and virtually infinite process. The active participation of the artists is the main tool for investigation.
The online platform, projectomap.net, is the first phase of a long-term and multifaceted project. By the means offered by contemporary information technology, it presents a graphic, dynamic, informative and interactive

map. This, in turn, proposes different interpretations of Portuguese contemporary creations’ geographies stimulating unexpected readings of a universe mostly red as hidden and fragmented.
As a tool for investigation and information on the different actors and their contexts of production, bonds and ramifications in the international context, the site aims to be a starting point for the exploration of the universe of contemporary visual arts in Portugal. It universally and freely collects and provides a database of the artists represented on the map for both a professional and interested public, inside and outside of Portugal.